Sigma Kappa

Letter from the Chapter

Letter from the Chapter

Potential New Members,

"If you were to ask what Sigma Kappa meant to me, I couldn’t give you one answer; maybe not even a straight answer at all. Our sisterhood in Sigma Kappa is indescribable and can only be seen or felt from those of us who experienced it. Like they say, “from the outside looking in, you cannot understand it; from the inside looking out, you cannot explain it.” Sigma Kappa is a way of life, a lifetime of friendships, a sisterhood bond that we all hold so near and dear to our heart. It’s a simple hello, a warm hug goodbye, a shoulder to cry on, or cuddle sesh with a sister. It’s walking out on the middle of the wing with no makeup and pimple cream on your face, knowing that you don’t have to impress any of your sisters or feel judged. And if you do get made fun of you know it’s only out of love. It’s staying up for hours talking about everything and anything when you could be doing homework or studying; but of course it’s not possible to be a productive student because you would simply just get a serious case of “fomo” if you missed hanging out with your sisters. It’s ordering Milano’s when you’re not even hungry, or even need it, but a sister is there to order it with you so it makes it okay if she eats it too. It’s tackling someone you see because you missed them, even though it’s only been twenty minutes since you last saw each other. It’s the uncontrollable laughs, speaking in weird accents, or simply bringing out your outrageously obnoxious goofy side. It’s finding your best friends, and one day when love becomes real, your bridesmaids. It’s giving, and not expecting anything in return, and so much more. When I say thatthese girls are the most genuine, real, fun, crazy, and loving people I know, I truly mean it. They bring out the best in me and choosing Sigma Kappa has by far been the best decision I have and will ever make.

"Our four values: friendship, personal growth, service, and loyalty will forever embody who we are, and who we will be. We have made friendships that will last a lifetime and met girls who we wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for Sigma Kappa tying us together. We have personally grown in ways that we never knew were possible. We have served and gave back to our community, not only with our philanthropy events, but our volunteer work as well. We are loyal to Sigma Kappa, to our sisters, and to ourselves. I can truly say that I pride myself in being a Sigma Kappa, and am proud to wear my letters. Being a part of this sorority does not make any of us better than others, but it certainly makes us better than what we used to be.

"My hope for each and every one of you, is that you can see this amazing sisterhood bond that surrounds us. I hope that you can see the memories you will make with one another are memoires that you will talk about and cherish forever. For our PERFΣKT new members, I hope you see how much Sigma Kappa means to us, and I can’t wait for you to experience this wonderful new chapter of your life. For the sophomores and juniors, I encourage you all to embrace every moment you get in Sigma Kappa, whether it’s from going out to lunch together or getting involved in Greek Week, because these last one or two years left of college will fly by before you know it. And for the seniors, I want you to reflect back on your last four years of college, starting from joining Sigma Kappa. Think of how much this sorority has left an impression on you…and think of how much you have left an impression on it. Think about your bid night, formals, Greek events, nights out, living on the wing, volunteering, eating dinners together, and so much more. The memories you’ve made by being a part of Sigma Kappa are memories that will live within you forever. As you become Alum within the next few months, just remember that your memories and sisterhood here in Sigma Kappa will still continue to grow. Like they say, you’re not only in Sigma Kappa for four years, but for a lifetime. As you can see, it’s hard to explain in a few words what Sigma Kappa means to me. But if I were to sum it up, it’s forever living one heart one way.”  - Maria Delvaglio SPC '12

For those of you who have not yet joined Sigma Kappa, or Greek life in general, we urge that you do. As you can see, Sigma Kappa means the world to each and every girl that has become a part of the sisterhood and we hope that you, too, can soon experience the incredible bond.